StreamYard が仮想イベントプラットフォームである Hopin に買収

私のライブ配信でも活用しているStreamYardが、仮想イベントプラットフォームである Hopin に加わったとメールで連絡が来ました。



We have some exciting news — StreamYard has officially joined the leading virtual events platform, Hopin!
Dan and I have always said that we’re in it for the long haul, and nothing has changed there. We will run StreamYard as a separate brand, laser-focused on serving you. The only change? We’ll have more resources to move faster.

What does this mean for me?
Hopin’s mission closely aligns with StreamYard’s. We will continue serving you, keeping our three product pillars in mind:
Professional streams
StreamYard now has significantly more resources. We will utilize those resources to create an even more compelling experience for you.

Will I be able to keep my StreamYard Account as I know it today?
Absolutely. We joined Hopin because it benefits our existing customers and Hopin’s event producers alike. We will continue to operate as a separate brand and are committed to serving you.

Can I do virtual events on StreamYard now?
StreamYard will remain a separate product from Hopin, but you can expect a native integration in the near future.

What other changes can I expect?
Other than a better core experience and updates at a faster pace, you can expect Hopin to expand and accelerate StreamYard’s development of innovative features.

What about the updates you mentioned?
We’ve already made some exciting progress after combining our efforts with Hopin’s. Here are some of the product updates we are working on right now:
Share videos of any length directly from your computer: Video clips are great for intros and outros, but sometimes you need to share a longform video. This feature will allow you to share videos directly from your computer.
More themes & animations: We’ve added two new animated themes to the studio.
Video & audio improvements: We’re constantly improving video and audio quality. We’ve improved support for several types of devices.
Backup streaming servers for everyone: We now automatically reroute your stream via alternate streaming servers in the case of infrastructure failure regardless of plan level — because stable streaming should not cost you extra.
Separate audio tracks: After a broadcast ends, customers on the Professional plan will have the option to download individual tracks for each guest. This is a great option for podcasters and anyone else who needs more control over their audio recordings.

Can you tell me more about Hopin?
Founded in 2019, Hopin is the first all-in-one live virtual events platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. With Hopin, you can create live virtual and hybrid events that are interactive and immersive. Whether you’re hosting a live training workshop, bringing your company’s remote team together, or launching a full-scale annual conference, it’s easy to create an engaging event on Hopin for up to hundreds of thousands of people. Attendees can network one-on-one, break out into group sessions, watch keynote presentations, send chat messages and polls, and explore interactive expo areas. There’s also a virtual backstage for speakers and plenty of sponsorship opportunities. Hopin is a remote-first company based in London, with employees in more than 38 countries. Learn more at

And of course, Happy New Year! We are so excited for this next chapter and grateful to have you as a customer. It feels like ages ago, but the very first StreamYard broadcast aired just two years ago, and back then, it was just Dan and I. Today, millions have created StreamYard broadcasts, and we’re proud to have nearly 20 StreamYard employees. But it’s just the beginning. Now joining Hopin, we’re part of a team of over 300, and confident that the next two years will be even more exciting than the last.

Geige & the StreamYard Team


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